Does it seem that everything is out of control and life is just happening to you?

We've good news for you!

For years, we’ve been working on a unique app.


Even during the darkest times,
it will help you to find a guiding star within, so that you can navigate from the past, take charge of the present, and design a future filled with achieved goals and dreams.

With RetrospAct,
you'll be re-writing
your life story and shifting
from a Victim's to
a Victor's role in it.

  • Developed with insights from positive psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

  • Uses the power of appreciation, connection, and life-mapping.

  • Offers a convenient way of sense-making, structuring & systematising.

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    Thank It Back

    While we’re still working on the RetrospAct app, check out our Thank It Back platform and experience one of the app’s incredible features.

    Write and send very special Thank You Cards to people who have changed your life, inspired you, supported you, challenged you, or simply made your day today.

    Sign up for Thank It Back now, and you’ll use the same account in the RetrospAct app later on.


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