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Using this platform helped me realize how blessed I am! Throughout my whole life so many people have been helping me follow my way, even though sometimes at that moment it might not seem like a blessing at all. I already know that I’ll be coming back to this platform over and over again”.
Myriam – Member since 2022

How a simple thank you card can change your life


By sending a Thank You Card you show a person you care and remember what they did for you. It might seem small, but it leaves a positive impression about you and can mean the world to the receiver.


Knowing you are appreciated is a wonderful feeling. And sending a thank you card is a meaningful way to express your admiration for someone. In turn, they might feel compelled to share their gratitude too.


It is not easy to build meaningful relationships that last. In our hectic lifestyles, we often forget that relationships require work, just like plants require constant care in order to give beautiful flowers. Feed your relationships with gratitude and watch them bloom.

What can I thank them for?

Changing your life​

Whether big or small, the impact they had changed your life.

Perhaps they were kind on a day you needed love, or they helped out out of a difficult situation, literally pulling you back onto your feet.

Your friends, family, but also doctors, therapists, hairdressers, and neighbours could be the people who change your life.

Inspiring you

Role models come in various forms and can influence every aspect of your life.

Perhaps their knowledge inspired you to change careers.

Maybe their persistence inspired you when you battled difficulties; or their advice paved your road to success.

Your mentor, colleague, manager, or friend would love to know how they've been a compass for your personal development and helped you get where you are now.

Being there for you​

Life is full of challenges.

And sometimes we take for granted what others do for us during hard times.

Think of someone who helped you through ups and downs. It could be small, like making a cup of tea for you and being with you. Or when you wanted to celebrate a huge milestone with them before sharing it with others.

Things like supporting you when you lost your job, got sick, or made you feel safe when you were lost, and believed in you when others didn't, are things people do when they care, even if it's not always expected.
Don't take your loved ones for granted.
Share your appreciation with your close circle of footprinters

Challenging you

The road to success is almost never paved with the roses.

Sometimes we meet people who give us hard times, but looking back we can see that their impact was immense.

They might have seemed awfully unfair to you, but in the end, their hard lessons might have been the best things to have happened to you.
Whether you have had a strict teacher, principled chef, or a pain-in-the-ass colleague, think of what you have learned from them.

Let them know their impact is appreciated.

Whether you received helpful advice, got assistance in difficult times, or simply had somebody who listened to you, it is always good to let this person know they have left an important footprint on your life. And to remind them that you are there for them too.

Product designer, 34

It took me long time to understand what I eventually want to do with my life. Continuing my old work in a commodity shop was not an option. However it was there where I met this customer who was showing me how things can be improved. Yes, right there it dawned on me that I want to work with product design. I found this guy later and thanked him for advice, he became my coach after that, I do send thank you cards to my clients and to the people who inspired me. Think if I never found Joe, I would have not been even half way to where I am now.

Proud cancer survivor, 48

I cannot be grateful enough to the people who have been by my side, but mostly my doctor who was so patient with me. I send a Thank You Card to him and he send me a message saying that he is happy to leave such footprint in people’s lives and that he rarely gets patients who come back to say thank you when they are healthy. I love this service! Think how cheap it is and how much impact it makes! It is your thoughts that matter most.

Yoga teacher, 38

I have always practiced gratitude. It is a powerful tool, because you need to always balance between taking and giving.

The problem was that “Thank you” is something intangible and doesn’t last long. Well, not until I found the “Thank It Back” movement. I thought to give it a try and now I am addicted, because ALL my thank you cards are saved there, so I can see the whole powerful impact of these words in my account. I just open it and see how many people have made my life better and they see it too.

Paper vs. Digital: Why Thank It Back Wins

Enhanced Connections

Maintain close ties with loved ones and rediscover connections with those you care about

Become a Catalyst

Be part of the Thank It Back movement where a single thank you initiates positive change in the world

Effortless Access

Conveniently manage your digital cards in a personalized journal

Eco-Conscious Choice

Embrace sustainability and reduce your environmental impact

Meaningful Legacy

Preserve cherished moments and people in your life journey

How to send a thank you card

Step 1: Fill out the Form

  • Decide whom you want to thank today.
  • Pick a reason why you want to thank that person.
  • Try to remember the date when it happened (it will help you track your life milestones).
  • Write a short note to this person, reminding them of what happened, describing the impact it had on you, and explaining why you are grateful for it
  • Share your message on our Gratitude Wall to inspire others (if you wish, of course).

Step 2: Pick a Design

Select a beautiful illustration to accompany your gratitude message.

Step 3: Send a Card

Send your card via email or share it as a link in a messenger of your choice (the recipient will be able to open it in a browser).

Step 4: Catalogue

Keep track of all the cards that you’ve sent.

Step 5: Footprints

Collect Thank You Cards that you receive as a reminder of the footprint you leave in other people’s lives.

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You can send it via email if you have an email address of a recipient. Or you can share it as a link that can be open in a browser.

Yes, of course! We believe that it’s equally important to give credit to ourselves, not just to others. But please remember that these Cards will also be counted within your monthly card limit.

A Thank You Card that has already been sent via email or shared as a link cannot be changed. You can still edit it only if you saved it as a Draft.

It’s a Thank You Card received by you – because you’ve left an important mark in other people’s life.

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